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Daycare Providers

Finerpoints specializes in accounting services targeted toward daycare providers.

We can help whether you’re a small home daycare, or a commercial property with a large payroll. We have over 10 years experience in accounting problems and solutions specific to daycares. Pam Ortega also participates and leads workshops for Boulder County Daycare Association and stays current with special needs specifically targeted towards daycares.

Specialities include:

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Deduct Home Space – the total sq. footage of your home you use for your daycare = % used for daycare;  gain maximum tax benefits for your business. 

Deduct Food and Consumables like toilet paper, laundry soap, and your microfiber diapers, even something as basic as table napkins. 

Take Tax Deductions on Supplies and Utilities.

Declare Work Done on Home Services – any renovation or remodeling done for the business can be declared as a tax deduction.

Declare Other Services – like cleaning.

CCAP Program – assist in applying and maintaining financial requirements.