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Finerpoints Accounting offers the full range of bookkeeping services. We specialize in using both Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks online to manage your bookkeeping. Our services are perfect if you are looking for someone to take over your bookkeeping for you or just want someone to review your efforts. Bookkeeping is also a great way to keep on top of your expenses for tax filings.

Finerpoints, bookkeeping

What are the effects of my adjustments on the trial balance?

How did my company’s forecast compare with its actual performance?

Lists all adjustments you’ve made.

Over 20 different reports, including asset schedules and property tax listing.

What are my company’s forecasted income and expenses each month?

What changes were made after the last closing date was set to transactions dated on or before that closing date?

What are the open sales orders for each customer or job?

How do the actual income and expenses compare to what has been budgeted for the current month and year?

How much has my company spent on purchased items or services?

How much money did my company make or lose over a specific period of time?

Which bills are due and overdue?

What was the cash inflow (from profit and additional cash received) and cash outflow (cash spent) during a specific period of time?

What transactions will need to be included on my company income tax forms?