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Non-Profit Tax Preparation


Services Offered to Support Non-Profits

Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code 
Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return This is a quarterly payroll form that is required of all businesses with employees.
A compilation is useful to small, privately held entities that need help in preparing their financial statements. A review, on the other hand, may be adequate for entities that must report their financial positions to third parties, such as creditors or regulatory agencies. Reviewed financial statements may also be useful to business owners who are not actively involved in managing their companies.
IRS Form 990s You send Finerpoints your information. We prepare a draft of the 990 with all attachments and supporting schedules and send it back along with a list of any remaining questions, after your reply. We finish the return, sign as preparer and send the completed 990 to you to sign and file with the IRS.